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Relationships are what makes us human. Social interactions are wired into our genetic code. And now we are at an evolutionary disjunction. Our phones mediate ways we interact. Our phones tether us psychologically, physically.

We are a team of interaction specialists, technologists and fashion enthusiasts. We observe, interpret and devise better ways to interface with our smartphones.

What does #MODULAJ do?

Alerts with buzz & colour-coded light #designhack

Transforms, wear it as bracelet, ring or brooch #designhack

Remanufactures waste Titanium by 3D Printing #circularityhack

Segments your day into work & leisure #efficiencyhack

Uses wordclouds to filter important phone calls, SMSs & emails #efficiencyhack

Notifies of calendar events #efficiencyhack

Mutes phone’s ringer & initiates fake phone call #controlhack

Sends SOS with GPS tracking #safetyhack

And more

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Waiting for one specific text or email is frustrating and a time suck. With #MODULAJ you load upto twenty keywords that alert when they are seen in text or email. Whether you are waiting for that email or a text message confirming it, we have you covered.  All information you need, without the time drain you don’t.

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We all have been roped into random, awkward conversations. Usually there is no good way to escape. But what if you had to take a phone call? Thanks to #MODULAJ you make it seem like you do. Say Bye Bye to awkward situations!

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3D printed by Selective Laser Melting to recycle waste Titanium powder from aeronautics industry. A detachable Ceramic module houses the electronics. Our thinking is attuned with modular design principles to extend the product life cycle.

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We take calls all day, everyday. Sometimes these calls come at most inconvenient times. #MODULAJ lets you mute ringer and still acknowledge your call. Plus you look stylish doing it.

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Not all dates go as planned and safety is a must. You should be able to call for help when you need it most. With a tap, #MODULAJ sends a GPS alert “SOS” and lets five people know where you are. Never feel alone again.

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You love being stylish but not every outfit looks good with a phone. #MODULAJ keeps you connected and looking like a Ten. Minimal, modular, contemporary design. Customisable to your custom lifestyle.


  • Aircraft grade bio-compatible Titanium body

  • Ceramic encasement


  • Footprint at 16.3 by 16.3 mm

  • 32 Bit ARM Cortex microprocessor

  • 512 kB flash + 64 kB RAM

  • Micro-LED

  • 3-Axis accelerometer

  • Vibration motor

  • Rechargeable Li-poly battery

#MODULAJ isn’t just another wearable. It is jewellery augmented with smartest technology available. It is jewellery for our 21st century.
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