Brought to you by the Triing Collective, this work of minimalist jewellery is inspired by the stark, sculptural honesty of classic forms and articulated modular elements.

Modulaj smart jewellery is designed to be worn as a Ring or a Bracelet or a Brooch. You decide!

A mechanical concept combined with precision engineering offers versatility to the Modulaj smart jewellery range. Our customers receive three pieces of smart jewellery at the price of one. Now that is truly smart!


Built on the principle of modularity, MODULAJ is a four part system: Zirconia Ceramic encasement, enclosed hardware,  fitted metallic shank, and three interchangeable form factors - Brooch, Bracelet, Ring. The user has the option at some time in the future to have the hardware removed and ethically recycled and the ring box refinished and returned. 


Modulaj is a marriage of crafted heritage and cutting-edge technology: 

  • Conflict free, aircraft grade recycled Titanium

  • Zirconia Ceramic enclosure

Modulaj range is buffed and mirrored to enhance play and deflection of light.


Modulaj is designed to be both technical gadget and also singular piece of jewellery

MODULAJ is made with

  • Bio-compatible Titanium

  • Bio-neutral manufacturing

  • Bio-neutral supply chains

  • Full circle sustainability

Our mission is to deliver efficiency and beauty in one simple form.