Wearable experience must evolve from devices which are passive recipient of bits and bytes to next-stage technologies that are active participant in your daily life. We built #MODULAJ to seamlessly navigate between life, work and play.


The hardest question one asks at the drawing board when conceiving a new offering is 

What core human needs should this product fulfill?


We wanted a device that addressed each user’s individual needs. We also realized too much granularity is cumbersome to manage and results in bad user experience. We settled on building a device with built-in smarts that allows for contextual awareness, whether you are at WORK or at LEISURE. We resolved three core human needs.

  • Facilitate social interactions

  • Improve productivity

  • Ensure personal safety

There followed a year and half of hard engineering and creative design. And now we are proud to release #MODULAJ by TRiiNG, a multi-faceted wearable experience showcasing honest design aesthetics with state-of-the-art hardware.

A cross-section of users we polled about the #MODULAJ alpha prototype helped us further refine our vision.

“A conversation starter.”

“...disconnect from mobile but not miss important phone calls and messages.”


“Personal safety via SOS beacon.”

“Allow for settings on who contacts you and when.”



Because of the incredibly small form factor we were very selective when shortlisting the hardware components.

Are visual, sensory and gestures required?

  • Yes

What functional uses will TRiiNG have? 

  • Notification: Yes

  • Communication: Yes

  • Interaction: Yes

  • Aesthetic: Yes

  • Monitoring: No (Bio-sensors)

TRiiNG Mobile Application - Android


The TRiiNG mobile application is robust and versatile piece of software. TRiiNG Application connects via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.2) to #MODULAJ and delivers time-critical and prioritized notifications from the paired smartphone. 



TRiiNG mobile application connects via BLE with the paired smart phone and allows one to configure buzz and light notifications contextually as well as the creation of lists and filtering of incoming phone calls, text messages and emails. There are times you don't want to be disturbed. You are at a meeting or have planned that perfect intimate evening with your partner.


Filtering text messages and emails contextually is made possible by creation of word clouds of up to 20 keywords. We understand it is no fun babysitting your smart phone all the time. By configuring the TRiiNG mobile application you determine who is able to communicate with you and when. 



#MODULAJ has been designed with haptic interface through which the ring communicates with the paired mobile device. TRiiNG mobile application interprets in-bound haptic data from your ring. 

You can tap #MODULAJ and activate SOS message when you need help. Or you can do something more fun - initiate a fake phone call and get out of that awkward social situation. 

And some of you have most certainly been in the situation when your phone was buried at the bottom of your bag and the job interview was going great but your phone started its insistent ringing and you thought wouldn't it be nice to turn the ringer off from a distance.

Now you can! With a tap of the finger, #MODULAJ will silence your phone.